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Sustainable Packaging FAQs

We pack all our treats in a tin-tie paper refill bag. In addition, you can choose to purchase one of our beautiful & iconic treat tins for a counter top storage solution here. Then all you need to do is refill the tin each time you run out! We are looking at switching our current refill bags to a compostable option to further meet our sustainability goals. Our Thank You cards are printed on high quality, eco card & are recylable. Our boxes are filled with recycled, shredded kraft paper & nothing else.

We will ship a product label to you that matches your purchase if you buy one of our tins. Some of our customers like to keep their tins label free, so we will leave it up to you.

Our tins are well known and are a favourite of our customers, however, packaging the tins with the product inside was proving difficult with movement (and not so careful posties!). By offering the tins separately, it allows us to provide multi-tin combo deals - a win for you!

If stored correctly (refill bag rolled and secured out of the sun, tin lid firmly closed), our treats should last 12 months. However, we don't think your dog will wait that long!